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Linkin Park Live in Bangkok


I saw them! I can't believe I saw Chester, Mike, Rob, Brad Phi and Joe.. the real them. Ok, I'll tell you al I know since they're in Thailand.

- Linkin Park arrive at Bangkok Airport in 18th. That night Joe, Chester and Rob went to Khaosan Road. (Our famous spot for foriegner) My friend's girlfriend saw them
- on 19th the MC said Chester went to play golf. and Joe go to weekend market (Our biggest outdoor shopping center, really it's BIG) My friend saw them and that night Joe, Mike and Brad went to see Thai Boxing. My friend who work as Thai Boxing staff saw them and he got Mike's autograph!!!
- today, the concert day. Me and 2 of my friends go to Aktive Square (which usually serve as a BIG parking place) since 2 PM, people are already there. The gate open at 4 PM. which we got in in the middle of front section. I can say it's a MIRACLE that it's not rain, really because it's rain really heavy for the last couple of days esp at the venue. But it's NOT rain today, at first it's raining a bit but only 5 mins it went away. I'm not LPU so I didn't get in M&G T_T

There're 5 opening bands, they go on and on until 8 PM. pretty long for the intro... It was really crowded I thought I was going to faint anytime (my friend saw Joe and Chester sneak a peek at the side of the stage) and voila!

Linkin Park!

Joe He's freaking adorable with that hair down.. really that guy is a towel maniac! he carries them around on his shoulder, left and right even on his head! When he nod his head it's so funny. ~^_^~ and oh, he likes firework! we have a big set of fireworks after the concert, after they all go back behind the stage, Joe come out again to watch fireworks, with his personal camera man, I guess *snicker*

Phi I didn't see much of him, but he's pretty normal, I mean, like I'm watching faint video (in the front) he never change, he just.. Phi. but I like him nonetheless :D

BradOh man, he still got that santa beard but I saw him most because he likes to go on the box and cheer us to sing along :) There's a little slashy moment when he tried to speak to chester.. Aw~.. they're cute *wink*

RobAgain, I don't see much of him, he's behind his drumset but I tried to look at him, he always has that serious face when he's in the act. but at the end when the show is over, he go up front and throw us a drumstick... he doesn't have any beard except that goatee. heheh MAN, just like someone describe him long time ago.. that man is beautiful

ChesterWHOOOOOO~ does he ever get tired? He always jumping and screaming all the time. There's a one shot I like the most when he sings Numb.. all the music built up to that moment, Mike's keyboard and Joe's sound it was mixed, I thought it was Pushing Me Away LIT version. but it's Numb. ~^_^~ and the spotlight was all at him.. and his voice.. and that silent.. damn.. it's brilliant! He smiles a lot, unlike what I saw in many live concert, the guy in the front pull funny face at him, I guess, so he said "that guy is crazy I like him!" WHOOO..

Mike Shit! He's so cute! He kept calling us 'crazy people' but we do really crazy, it's their first time, of course, we went crazy! He played keyboard so smoothly, his freestyle before went into Numb... He, too, always smile like he's so happy with us.. like they really like playing for us *silly sigh* he kept saying we're great, he loves us.

We sing everybit we know with them, all that 'must-play' songs. Chester even said we're a good singers *snicker* and oh he also said we're their BIGGEST show that they're the headline band 35,000 people in outdoor stadium.. unafraid of the rain *grin* Mike said they're gonna be back!

Overall, it's exceed my expectation, since some of you guys said they're not so good at live act... but I'd say otherwise :)

Man I never want today to end. It's like all these months and years of waiting.. it's for today. Maybe they'll be back again, maybe not, but I'll never forget that 2 hours of my life. (*^_^*)

Thanks for reading ^^' apologies for bad grammar.
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Deleted comment

It did awesome! *grin* I'm sure I'll have this silly grin with me a whole week ~^_^~ *hugs around*
Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kai, I am so glad that you had a good time. Isn't Chaz just the shit live?! LMFAO, okay, yeah, they all rock live but being a Chester fangirl I have to say he rocks the most. ;) I'm so happy for you that you got to see them finally! And I totally hope they go back to Bangkok as well! EEEEEEEEE! You have no idea how happy I am for you right now!
I have to say he rocks the most

DITTO!! I mean, all I see is him jumping up and down! and dear God, his voice!! I want to scream again *think back to that moment*


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13 years ago


13 years ago

Reading that made me all giddy! I'm so glad you had a great time! I really wanna go to an LP concert nooowww..!
LoL and how many times you already go to LP concert? :) being in England does have advantage! *punch your shoulder* but right now I don't have to jealous of anyone! MWhahawhhhaaa

Deleted comment

lol the only bad thing for me last night was I'm only 152 cm tall (3 feet 1 inch) and that quite sucks.. but I tried to get all the details of them without being crushed to death.. and still be able to jump.. it quite a success for such a hobbit like me :)
Wow that's awesome. Thanks so much for postong. All always wonder what LP do for fun when theyr'e visiting other countries.

Also, anybody that says LP aren't good live can't possibly have ever seen them live. They were featured on MTV's special The 22 greatest bands of the modern era, or something like that... and all they talked about was LP's live show and how it could convert anybody into a fan. And on a personal note, I've seen them 5 times already, 6 times by end of July. They ROCK, they rock HARD, and they only get better each time. : )

Alpha B
You've gotten the LP fever. ^_^

But still, am glad you enjoy them.
LP are fantastic live, aren't they! I wanna go see 'em again...*le sigh*
The concert sucked. That's all I can say.
lol I almost died from hunger and exhaustion and boring (while waiting for LP) and dehydration but when I saw them... just seeing them enjoying themselves is enough :) That madley part upset me a bit but not that much. You've seen much better concert then, I guess. *snicker*

Re: lol


13 years ago

You lucky lucky lucky bitch you..*sticks out tongue*. I wanna see them sooooooo bad. But, they hardly ever come to Arizona..and when they do, I can't afford tickets. Glad that you had a good time, though! That's awesome that you got to see them. Congratulations.
wow.. I wish I could see them .. we had a festival in Wiener Neustadt.. called Aerodrome.. it's the biggest rock-festival in Europe since this year. Linkin Park was supposed to play their but they couldn't come.. so I sold my ticket again. But two days ago they were in Germany at "Rock am Ring".. I don't understand why they couldn't come to Austria.. it's right beside Germany.. that's unfair.. *sniff*
..you're so lucky..