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Slipknot Live in Bangkok!



I mean, I don't know what to say to describe tonight better than that. :P Corey is the man. He's fucking control everything; the crowd, the show, his bandmate. I love the way he asked us ie; Do you fucking want to hear a new song or not motherfuckers?! it's not just the line, it's his voice. Power and leadership were reflected so damn well. Moreover, the way he sings, the way he move... man, he's the coolest man I've ever seen in my life.

From where I stood, there's the bar seperate the leftside and the rightside, I'm at the bar so I could see most of the movement on stage even I'm short.. so the saddest thing was I see only a little of Joey and Craig. The songs that got the reactiong from the crowd most were their classique; Left Behind, SIC, People = Shit, Disasterpiece, Wait and Bleed(encore), Spit It Out(encore) and Surfacing(encore).. but Duality and Vermilion also had me scream my throat off.

I saw Shawn the most and he's so insane.. *grin* man, in a good way.. his long hair made us see how much/hard he nod his head. Gotta love the way he handle that baseball bat. Chris was on screen most of the time so I saw him, too. First 2-3 songs, Chris and Shawn used small drums, the one that they can walk around while playing them *snicker* so they looked like dolls

There's the time when everything was quiet... Chris and Shawn solo the base drum together out of nowhere, and the blue light was on them.. the beat was quite raw and steady like the wild drumbeat from some tribe but it was the very well build-up :D

I try to see Joey but alas, with my 152 cm. hieght, I can't see much but at least I saw him beat the shit out of his drumset man... it's unbelievable. Sid did his best at scratching since is was so outstanding, evenmore than in the CD ;) There's a one time he acted like he was going to jump in for a serf but he shook his head cutely and turn his back... his coat billowing after him *snicker* Craig nod his head so hard I thought those big pins would fall out!

Mick and Paul.. my god.. I didn't see them AT ALL, even on screen on anywhere.. or maybe I had a bad luck and they were at the side that I can't see T_T but hey, Jim was really great.. he walked around and help Corey gesturing us to jump/raise our hands.

My fave moment must be when we sang Wait and Bleed with Corey. :) and that Spit It Out when we had to sit down like Corey ordered us.. *snicker* the only thing I can complain was... after 6-7 songs, they paused between every songs for a while, and then back to full power ~^_^~

I got a headache and sore throat from screaming/singing too much.. sore neck bwcause I nod my head too much/hard.. sore knees and legs from jumping.. but heheeh it's SLIPKNOT!! I didn't expect anyless!

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